Stop Press: New Dog Grooming Magazine to Launch!

Dog grooming enthusiasts everywhere, rejoice!

A brand new dog magazine is about to launch and here at Dog-Groomers.co.uk, we’ve been given the enormous privilege of being able to offer (a limited number) of FREE subscriptions!

Total Dog Grooming is ideal for dog owners who want to have a happier, healthier, visually stunning dog that looks great, feels great & lives longer.

Whatever type of dog you own whether they’re a pedigree Pomeranian primed for the show ring or a mixed bag of Beagle, Boxer and Bassett, you always like them to look and feel their very, very best.

A wet nose, waggy tail, glistening coat and bright eyes are the hallmarks of a happy, healthy handsome hound.

Total Dog Grooming Magazine is your expert guide on how to get your dog to sparkle, glisten, live a longer, healthier, happier life – and look so good, your friends will want to know your secret!

The magazine is set to be packed with dog grooming tips, expert grooming secrets and discounts/savings on the very best, latest dog grooming equipment.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting! Get your FREE subscription secured today. There are NO strings attached. You will NOT be asked to pay any money at a later date and you can even cancer your FREE subscription with just one, single click of a mouse.

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